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In the Beginning Was Wine

It all started with a common passion: wine. This served as the motto for what would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Mário and Pedro, but this was just one of the many common points. Two frequent passengers, travelers around the world wherever their work took them, always rocked by the songs of bossa nova and jazz, enjoying the new landscapes, flavors, colors and stories they encountered on each trip. We've put all these elements in the still and that's how TRYPOR was born. Wine tourism company that tours the beautiful landscapes and flavors of Portugal.

Making Wine

The Team

Who We Are

Mário is in charge of Exports at Adega de Palmela, one of the great wine companies in the Setúbal Peninsula.  Partner at Brandir – Marketing Estratégico & Operacional, Lda which has supported Portuguese wineries in Portugal since 2003. Business consultant and University Professor in CRM and Marketing and research in the Wine Area. Passion for wine and wine marketing.

Graduated in Business Administration in London, Pedro is a senior manager of companies, passing through multinationals and international consultants, specializing in human resources, finance, logistics, marketing and business strategy. He is one of the first Portuguese to use the Vivino application, which earned him a prominent place in the world from an early age. The passion for wine comes from a young age, when he walked with his grandfather around the farm, seeing the vines that would later yield the wine that was served at the family table.

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